Volfram System - Basket Strainer

Basket Strainer are always recommended to be installed prior to the Reducing valve, to prevent any of the dirt particles / pipe muck from clogging the small orifices / openings of the Reducing Valve.

VOLFRAM Basket type Strainers are particularly used for the utilities where the presser drop is critical, the strainers are designed to provide higher filtration area thereby causing minimum pressure drop. Proper basket removal arraignment is provided is for easy cleaning. Note: FILTRATION AREA (P.SHEET) 5 TIMES PIPE INLET AREA.

We also offer wide range of Strainers for various applications like Steam, water s condensate. The types of Strainers available are:

Other Applications: At inlet of Steam flow meters, Control valves etc.
Available Sizes: From 15NB to 600NB.