Condensate Recovery System - volfram System

Condensate Recovery System Significant amounts of energy and resources can be saved by setting up a system to quickly recover and reuse Condensate Recovery System & Flash Steam.

In an indirect heating process only 80% of the steam energy is used for heating & 20% energy comes out in the form of Condensate.

We offer the most energy efficient Condensate Recovery System for recovering this energy.
Reduction in Fuel Bill:

Condensate is valuable resource of Heat available in process plant. Recovery of condensate reduces Fuel Consumption significantly by increasing the feed water temperature.

Water charges:

Any condensate not returned needs to be replaced by fresh water, increasing the fresh water requirement of the plant & its chemical treatment cost.

Reduction in ETP load:

Hot condensate drained is taken to the ETP which increases the load on ETP. This can be avoided by complete condensate recovery system.

Maximizing boiler output:

As per F & A rating of boiler, hotter the feed water temperature higher will be the steam output from boiler.

Reduction in Blow down Loss:

Condensate Recovery System is pure water, which contains almost no total dissolved solids (TDS). Returning more condensate to the feed-tank reduces the need for blow-down & thus reduces the energy lost from the boiler.

The steam is used in the process plants at various pressures depending upon the temperature requirements. The Condensate Recovery System from the high pressure steam when comes to low pressure, some part of the condensate get evaporated which is called as flash steam.
Recovering the maximum possible flash steam back to the feed water tank reduces the fuel consumption of steam boiler. Flash steam has substantial amount of heat which is ignored & vented to atmosphere in most of the process plants.

The percentage of flash steam generated from Condensate Recovery System is lower but the heat content of flash steam is high.
A properly designed flash steam separator can separate the maximum flash steam from the high pressure condensate & send it back to the feed water tank where it gets mix with the feed water increasing its temperature.
Higher the steam pressure used in equipment higher amount of flash steam will be generated from condensate.

    The Flash Steam separator system consists of :
  • Flash Separator designed as per condensate quantity, pressure & temperature of con
  • Pressure gauge with complete SS body & internals to show the flash steam pressure
  • Safety valve to release the flash steam in case of high pressure
  • Float controlled steam trap to remove condensate only from flash separator
  • Y type strainer for removing any foreign particles in condensate Sight glass for the monitoring

1000 kg/hr condensate recovered can save Rs. 45,00,000/- per year on FO as fuel considering 20 hrs a day & 300 days a year operational.

1000 kg/hr condensate recovered can save Rs. 700,000/- per year on Coal as fuel considering 20 hrs a day & 300 days a year operational.

The payback for the complete system comes out to be less than 6 months.

Unique Feature of Condensate Recovery System:

Inbuilt Digital Condensate flow totaliser with Pump's pumping/Filling mode indicator & reset facility. Steam Operated Pump with Mechanical internals also Available.

    Features of Condensate Recovery System:

  • Uses inexpensive steam, air or gas to pump the condensate
  • Negligible steam consumption
  • Zero Maintenance, no cavitations, no leaking seals, impeller wear or motor problems
  • Only one moving part (SS float) increases reliability
  • Superior build quality and rugged construction
  • Pre-wired, pre-piped packaged Skid Mounted for easy installation
  • Widest range of steam-operated pumps
  • Skid Mounted Unit which is easy to install