Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic Flow Meter To have complete control of the utilities in the plant, it is very important to measure & monitor their consumptions.

Steam being the one of the costly utilities in the process plant a proper measuring system must be in place. Unless & until we monitor, we cannot optimize its usage.

We offer Vortex type flow meters for the steam measurement, Electromagnetic flow meters for the flow measurement of water, milk etc.

Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter

A magnetic flow meter (Mag flow meter) is a volumetric flow meter which does not have any moving parts and is ideal for wastewater applications or any liquid which is conductive or water based. Magnetic flow meters will generally not work with hydrocarbons, distilled water and many non-aqueous solutions. Magnetic flow meters are also ideal for applications where low pressure drop and low maintenance are required.

Principle of Operation
The operation of a magnetic flow meter or Mag meter is based upon Faraday's Law, which states that the voltage induced across any conductor as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of that conductor.

Electromagnetic Flow Measuring devices offer you cost-effective flow measurement with a high degree of accuracy for a wide range of process conditions.

    The uniform Proline transmitter concept comprises:
  • High degree of reliability and measuring stability
  • Uniform operating concept

  • The tried-and-tested Mag sensors offer:
  • No pressure loss
  • Not sensitive to vibrations
  • Simple installation and commissioning