Packaged Oil/Gas Fired Boiler

VOLFRAM offers 3 pass wet back truly packaged high efficient Furnace oil or Gas fired steam boilers.

The 3 pass wet back design with mono block burner assembly ensures complete combustion & maximum thermal efficiency resulting into high Steam to Fuel ratio. Each boiler is designed to ensure ease of operation & maintenance.

VOLFRAM boilers are truly packaged which reduces the site work & project completion time, saves money & ensures highest quality of each component of the boiler.

Features of Packaged Oil/Gas Fired Boiler:
Truly packaged type:
The Boiler Comes Pre-wired & pre-insulated from the factory itself reducing the site work & cost of site activities.
Saddle Mounted Boiler:
The entire unit is saddle mounted, including all accessories - only connections for water, I D fan, chimney, electricity and steam outlet are required to commission the boiler.
The boiler needs less floor space because of the compact design.
Boiler Burner:
The mono block burner provided on the boiler has higher turn down ratio ensuring higher efficiency at lower running loads on the boiler.
Mountings & Accessories:
VOLFRAM Boilers are fitted with mounting and accessories of international repute and standards, the feed water pumps are the vertical multistage SS pumps.
Centrally Located Furnace:
This ensures no tubes in cold zone & enhances effective heat transfer resulting into lower start up time.
High Steam Space:
The higher steam space inside the boiler results in better response to fluctuating steam loads.

TDS based Automatic Boiler Blow down:
The boiler is optionally provided with TDS based automatic boiler blow down system which ensures optimum blow down from the boiler & saves fuel

Capacity Range:
From 500 kg/hr to 10000 kg/hr.

Standard Design Pressure:
10.54 kg/cm2 (g), 17.5 kg/cm2 (g) & 21 kg/cm2 (g)

VOLFRAM offers complete package for the Boiler House consisting of:
  • Chimney
  • Pollution control equipments
  • Piping (IBR/NIBR)
  • Feed water tank with accessories
  • On site IBR formalities