volfram system - Piston Valve

VOLFRAM Cast Steel Piston Valves provide perfect tightness and Installation durable stability on different mediums such as steam, superheated steam, heat transfer fluid, ammonia, L.P.G., acids, alkalise, etc.

    Salient Features of Piston Valve:
  • Economic, easy to service
  • Absolutely leak-tight across the ports and to the atmosphere
  • No erosion of sealing surface
  • Saves energy and does not contaminate the environment
  • Maintenance free

    Piston valves can be provided with additional feature like:
  • Regulating Piston/Lantern Bush; for coarse regulating/Throttling operation
  • Extended Spindle: For Cryogenic application/Hot media to prevent heat transfer to H/W and aid handling of valve
  • Heating Jacket: For Media that tends to solidify/crystallize at low temperature and needs constant heating by either steam/Thermic oils circulated through the Jacket.
  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electrical Actuator: For remote operating of the Valves

Pressure / Temperature Limit:

ANSI 300 ANSI 150
Maximum Operating Pressure: 51 bar g Maximum Operating Pressure: 19.6 bar g
Maximum Operating Temperature: 427 C Maximum Operating Temperature: 427 C
Maximum Hydraulic Test Pressure: 102 bar g Maximum Hydraulic Test Pressure: 39.2 bar g
Safety Information of Piston valve:

Before attempting any maintenance of the Valve, ensure that pressure is isolated and safely vented to atmosphere. Do not assume that the system is depressurized even when a pressure gauge indicates zero.

Maintenance of Piston valve:

Maintenance of Piston valve is very easy and can be done while the valve is in position & not in service. Please refer 'User Manual' for replacement of Body sealing stack set, Bonnet Sealing Ring & Gland sealing stack. Lubricate spindle regularly with Molykote M30 oil.