Volfram System in warje pune - Strainer

Steam Pressure reduction is basic need of every process plant Strainer, as it is always recommended to operate boiler at its rated pressure, distribute steam at higher pressure & use the lowest possible steam pressure at utilisation point.

Why distribute steam at high pressure & Reduce Pressure at utilisation point?

  • Boiler running at lower pressure can cause moisture carryover along with the steam.
  • High pressure steam has lower specific volume, which means lower pipe sizes for distribution of steam.
  • This reduces initial cost for piping & insulation. Also this reduces the radiation losses.
  • Lower the steam pressure higher is the latent heat.
  • We offer multiple options for pressure reduction to suit customer requirement.

Self Operated Pressure Reducing Strainer
Strainer Self operated steam control Strainer is the most trusted pressure reduction solution for consistent pressure at user point.

Features of Strainer:

The Self Operated PRV operates with +/- 2% which is the best accuracy in its range.

Running Cost:
The Strainer is purely mechanical & works on the direct feedback from the downstream of the Pressure Reducing Strainer. Hence no pneumatic or electric supply is needed.

Easy To Maintain:
Self Operated PRV is very easy to maintain as it has very simple mechanism & it can be repaired without removing from the line.

Higher Turn Down Ratio:
Self Operated PRV has high turn down ratio due to which it responses well to the fluctuating loads.

PID Based Pressure Control Strainer
Pressure Reducing Station - strainer We also offer PID based Pressure control Strainer for the critical applications where process is very sensitive to steam pressure & has heavy steam loads. This type of Strainer can maintain pressure within + 0.05 bar.

The system consists of Pneumatic control Strainer with Electro-pneumatic positioner, pressure transmitter & PID based pressure controller.

Pressure Reducing Station
We recommend complete Pre-fabricated Pressure Reducing Station for accurate pressure reduction to a preset value. This station guarantees uninterrupted steam supply for the Process.
The Pressure Reducing Station has following components: