Temperature Control System Volfram provides the complete range of customized temperature control solutions and control valves which can fulfill the needs of various process requirements.

In a process plant there are requirements of different temperatures at different processes. It is very important to control & maintain the temperatures as specified in order to:

  • Reduce the rejections of the products
  • Maintain the quality of the products
  • Also, each degree of overheating of the product results in the wastage of steam/energy.

Self Operated Temperature Control System

Self Operated Temperature Control System This consists of completely mechanical & robust self operated temperature control systems which can easily maintain the temperature within a band of +/- 2˚ C. The system is very easy to install, commission, maintenance free.

Unique feature of this system is that it doesn’t require electrical or pneumatic connection to operate, thus it is intrinsically safe.

Applications of this system are in Feed water tank of boiler, process hot water tanks and areas in the process where electric/pneumatic supply is not available.
PID Based Temperature Control System
PID Based Temperature Control System For very precise temperature control we offer PID Based Temperature Control System. This consists of pneumatically operated Control valve with electro-pneumatic positioner, temperature sensor & controller. This system maintains the temperature within a band of +0.5˚ C.

On-Off Temperature Control System
On-Off Temperature Control System For non critical applications we offer very economical & reliable On-Off Temperature Control System which consists of On-Off control valve with solenoid valve & temperature controller.
This system can maintain the process temperatures within a band of +3-5˚C.